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I've been surfing since 1968,and was a hard core River Jetty(Newport)tube freak,rode for
Wave Tools,Bob Hurley,Stussy,and Natural Progressio...

La Palma, California, USA


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Golden West, Seapoint Ave

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@Seapoint Ave on January 13th - Like
Alan @Seapoint Ave : I drive by the SeaPoint/PCH and its looks just as good if not better than the Cliffs where I surf daily,its been good the past week,but last year Box Cars was breaking on several big WNW Swells,over 15 times at least,it takes a good 6-8 foot swell for it to start at med/low tides,and can get up to 15'+!
@Seapoint Ave on January 11th - Alan liked this - Like
Aaron This is why SeaPoint is one of my favorites. You can get 3 times more waves here than the cliffs or South Bolsa just due to the fact that people don't want to walk the 10 minutes to get to it. This means more for us, Alan! Btw, next time Box Cars is big,
On January 12th, 9:53 am
Alan Thats so true about Seapoint,everytime I pass
On January 13th, 11:53 am
Alan by the spot looks peakyer and less crowed,it
On January 13th, 11:54 am
Alan yesterday was looking pretty small but it was fun at the cliffs the past few days,and i'm just getting used to this typing thing,thats why i have 3 post for one sentence,lol,
On January 13th, 11:57 am
Aaron This saturday through monday should be good there with the swell coming in... maybe I'll see u out there
On January 14th, 10:16 am
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