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Los Angeles, California, United States of America


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on April 12th - Like
Elevated @Malibu : Hey guys! New to Cali, but have surfed Malibu a number of times late summer. When does the water start to warm up around here?
@Malibu on April 11th - Like
Ariel Never! ;-) I mean you could probably go without a suit sometime in July-August, but it's still gonna be pretty chilly unfortunately
On April 11th, 8:53 pm
Elevated Haha, well said. I'm from Montana and used to fairly cold water. When I first got down here in October i could manage it alright, but I think I'm acclamaited now lol
On April 12th, 1:16 am
Ray I've gone without a wetsuit June-October, but that is depending on the weather!
On May 6th, 6:28 pm
Malibu is Elevated's new home spot!
@Malibu on April 11th - Like
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